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    Design Stage
  • Difficulties in managing & coordinating local and overseas sub consultants resulting in delays in delivery of designs to Client
  • We isolate each sub consultants deliverables then determine the interface between them, then devise a fully coordinated program for all design stages that fulfils the clients targets
    Construction stage
  • Schedule submitted by Contractor possibly designed to under commit him while over committing the Consultant / PMC
  • We conduct professional program auditing that aims at determining what does it commit the PMC to by analyzing the critical paths, constraints, and milestones
  • Weekly / Monthly reporting is not effective and hard to understand, thus no conclusions and line of action can be derived from it
  • We provide an independent on site evaluation of project progress against the original (baseline) schedule
  • We implement a state of the art project reporting system that is easy to understand and from which corrective actions can be immediately derived from
Project Planning & Controls
  • Review of CPM Baseline, Revised and Recovery Schedules.
  • Portfolio & Programme Management
  • Risk Assessment and Management for Projects
  • Forensic planning.
  • Review and evaluation of projects status based on duration, progress in man-hours, cost and interim progress payments.
  • Representing Consultant/PMC in Meetings as Consultant/PMC Project Controls Team Manager.
  • Labor Productivity and Cost Tracking.
  • Monthly and/or Quarterly Project Financial Status Tracking.
  • Contract Management for Projects.
  • Procurement Advice.
  • Programme audit and project recovery service

Claims Management & Dispute Resolution
  • Evaluating and Defending Contractor EOT Claims with Associated Costs.
  • Delay Impact Analysis.
  • Expert witness testimony.
  • Litigation Support.
  • Evaluation of commercial impact.
Other Services